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Fillings & Root Canal Treatments

White Fillings (Composite)

In the case where you may need one, we offer the option for fillings matched as closely to the colour of your teeth as possible. These fillings are made of a malleable resin monomer material called ‘composite’ which is moulded to the shape of your tooth and set with a focussed bright blue light. There have been vast improvements in the quality of these materials over recent years. The benefits of these fillings are that they are less noticeable in your mouth, can be re-polished when needed, they chemically stick to the tooth not relying on their shape as much as silver fillings and they do not leech grey colour into the tooth over the years. Your dentist will discuss the various filling options with you to help you in making the right choice for your teeth to meet your needs.

Metal Fillings (Amalgam)

Metal fillings (amalgam) consist of a blend of metals including mercury, silver, tin and copper which are pressed and packed into a cleaned out cavity where they set and become very hard. The benefits of these materials are that they are very strong when large and less susceptible to issues with moisture (saliva etc.) during initial placement in the mouth. They do however, rely on the shape of the cavity being filled to stay in, and are more noticeable in the mouth than white fillings and can leech grey colour into the tooth over the years. Our practice in Leicester offers these fillings on an NHS and private basis where clinically appropriate. Your dentist will discuss the options available to you to help you choose the most suitable filling material for your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when the nerve of the tooth is compromised either through tooth decay, infection or the nerve in your tooth is dying off. While numb under local anaesthetic, over 1 or 2 visits, the tooth is gently opened up to gain access to the nerves (within the “root canals”) which are cleaned out using small metal files either by hand or by rotary instrumentation. To make sure we have the nerve all cleaned up right to the tip of the tooth we may also take x-rays where needed. After the area where the nerves are cleaned, washed and shaped, we fill them with dense rubber cones (Gutta Percha points) thus preventing bacteria from entering back into the root canal from either end. After this is completed, the tooth is filled with a normal permanent filling. For back teeth, it is often recommended to crown the tooth as opening it up to access the nerves can leave the strength of the tooth compromised. Crowning the root filled tooth helps to protect the tooth from breakages and provides a strong and durable restoration. We offer root canal treatment on an NHS and private basis where clinically appropriate.

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