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Cosmetically Focused Orthodontics

This is another approach to correcting minor to moderate crowding, crooked, or misaligned front teeth using either a fixed or removable brace system. These types of braces will mainly focus on correcting the crookedness of the front teeth to improve your smile though will not correct any issues with your bite. The majority of cases will be treated within a time-frame of 6 – 9 months. This offers an attractive option if you are looking to improve your smile and wish to have the treatment completed in a shorter time frame as compared to comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

At Willowbrook Dental in Leicester, we provide both Six Month Smiles and Inman Aligner treatments which are very popular short term brace systems. Just like adult orthodontic treatments, these treatments are only available on a private basis.

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General Dentistry

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Children's NHS

At Willowbrook Dental Practice in Leicester we accept referrals from local general dentists for children who are suitable and ready for orthodontic treatment.

Crowns & Bridgework

We offer a variety of white crowns on an NHS and private basis where clinically appropriate.

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