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Dr Kam Kalsi graduated from Manchester University in 1999 and went straight in general dental practice in Leicester. He has gained a wealth of experience over the years and then finally moved to Willowbrook Dental Practice in April 2013 as the principle dentist.

Kam is an experienced dentist with special interest in restorative, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics. Kam takes great pride in delivering high quality dentistry with a caring and empathetic approach and finds enhancing and transforming his patient’s smiles immensely rewarding.

Kam is committed to continuing professional development and gained his Member of the Joint Dental Faculties qualification in 2009 from the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), and has achieved a Diploma in Clinical Education from the Sheffield Hallam University in 2012.  Kam has been in an Approved Foundation Dentist Trainer since 2006, and continues to enjoy supporting and training newly qualified dentists into becoming competent and confident dentists. He is currently completing a GDP course in comprehensive orthodontics.

Outside of dentistry, Kam loves spending quality time with his young family, and enjoys keeping fit through outdoor pursuits, cycling, and playing badminton, and supporting charitable causes.

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Services GDC No: 290337

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Certified Dentkl Counselor

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