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Jas Kalsi BA (Hons)

Dental Practice Manager

Jas joined the Willowbrook Dental team as Practice Manager in April 2013. It is Jas’s role to ensure the practice runs seamlessly and that both staff and patients are happy. Jas is always available to discuss treatments in general and ensures that the patients visit at Willowbrook is always a pleasant one.

Jas and her team work hard to ensure that they provide the best possible customer service and dental care. She ensures her team have a caring ethos at Willowbrook both for the patients and everyone who works within the practice. This has been reflected in ongoing customer satisfaction surveys which are carried out at regular intervals along with feedback comments received at the practice.

Jas regularly updates her continuing professional development in key areas of practice management and regulatory compliance. She ensures all practice policies and procedures are kept up to date in line with current guidelines.

Outside of the practice, she enjoys spending quality time with her lovely children and husband and loves to read non-fiction, particularly personal development books. She also loves to bake in her spare time.

Experience Years+

I’m Professional and Completely
Certified Dentkl Counselor

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